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About Me

I studied art at the prestigious Toronto school: the Ontario College of Art and Design. From there I moved to the University of Toronto where I was awarded a degree in English. Finally, I earned a diploma in interior design from Sheridan University and designed a dozen restaurants on the southern Ontario landscape.

My work in feature scripts garnered me representation by the head of the Characters Talent Agency, and I went on to work with Oscar winning producer Steven Hoban on a project about the war of 1812. I've also written a children's book called Jack, the Bleak, and the Speed of Sneeze which is still looking for a home.

My Goal

In between designing restaurants and writing children's books, I have found the time to create works of art under the name: the Craft House. My aim is to supply affordable works of art in a variety of styles, forms, materials, and subjects. In short, there is something for everyone. If you need custom sizes I might just be able to accommodate you.

What's Next?

Our goal for the future is to attract talented artists working in a variety of styles and media. I will expand our inventory and pricing so that everyone will be able to share in the experience of buying original pieces of art.

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